Hi, I’m Thea Hayes.

I started writing because of my fascination with story telling.
Picture a group of Territory stock-men sitting around a campfire sharing yarns...and eventually becoming one of them. Storytellers that is.
After my husband Ralph passed away, I became a narrator myself, telling stories about our life in the territory and of the cattle stations. My mind was overflowing with stories, and friends wanted to know more.
I joined a writing group in Toowoomba, at every meeting we were given a one-liner to start a story. And every story of mine was of the outback, it was an obsession, constantly with me, burning for release.
Then Bob came into my life. We moved to Narrandera and I joined the ‘Writing for Pleasure’ course at Tafe, the catalyst to take writing seriously, fueled by the encouragement of staff and other pupils.